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It’s On Us

No matter what nonsense happens in DC or is pounded into us by all forms of the media, most of our problems can be solved by An army of Normal Folks. And we together can fix “it.”

The Power of Dreams…Within Reason

Dreams must be organized, achievable, and they must be realistic. And to achieve your dreams, you must work tirelessly at them. Even if you don’t reach your ultimate goal, you have not failed because failure is not trying at all.

Standing on a Firm Foundation

When I speak in public, one of my favorite things to do is illustrate the importance of standing on a firm foundation. How I do it? I choose a random person from the crowd, give him or her a football, and say “Now, go ahead and stand on it.” Puzzled, the person always looks at […]

Understanding Personal Responsibility

Personal Responsibility is your acceptance of and adherence to society’s established moral and ethical code of conduct and a willingness to abide by these standards even when no one is there to hold you accountable but yourself. Personal responsibility is owning your failures, assuming the duty of task completion, and committing to the subscriptions of […]

Cancel Popular Politics

I remember becoming interested in politics, along with the reality that politics is a full contact sport, in Junior-High School when Ronald Reagan was president. I loved Ronald Reagan because he was Pro-American, Pro-Small Business, Pro-State’s Rights, and he had astounding charisma and sense of humor. America loved him because he did not simply use […]

Voting: A Responsibility, Not a Convenient Option

Before America’s Independence from Great Britain in 1776, there were only 3 other established democratic republics in the world: the Netherlands, Switzerland, and England. Of these three, only Switzerland remains a true Republic, while England and the Netherlands became constitutional monarchies. While flaws persist and advancements are necessary, the United States of America is the […]

Continuity in Your Fundamental Beliefs

When your actions and decisions are consistent regardless of the setting, you become validated as an authentic person. Whether you are on a football field, in the office, with your family, or otherwise, making the right decisions and upholding your foundational beliefs allow people to see authenticity. As such, be mindful that others tend to […]