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Voting: A Responsibility, Not a Convenient Option

Before America’s Independence from Great Britain in 1776, there were only 3 other established democratic republics in the world: the Netherlands, Switzerland, and England. Of these three, only Switzerland remains a true Republic, while England and the Netherlands became constitutional monarchies.

While flaws persist and advancements are necessary, the United States of America is the longest-standing, most free, just, opportune, and equal state in the history of the world. As Americans, our Constitutional birthrights are far more advanced than those of any other established nation.

One of these birthrights is the RIGHT TO VOTE.

It is damning to me that Americans have the ability to influence politics and the landscape of our country but many choose not to. In 2016, only 137.5 million of our 250 million voting-age-population voted; that is a mere 55%.

I am one to be under the impression that if you do not vote and are not willing to contribute to one of the most powerful birthrights of any population in the world, you have no basis or authority in which to complain or gripe about politics. Further, if you do not support or like either candidate, you still have a responsibility to write-in a top-ballot choice and vote down-ballot.

In an age when our lives feel like an un-consented social experiment as dogmas, ideals, and “being on the right side” of the questions move at an astounding pace, we should be more committed to practicing our birthright by casting a vote to fight for those ideals in which we believe.

Always remember – in the year 2000, GOP Presidential Candidate George W. Bush defeated DNC Presidential Candidate Al Gore by a margin of 0.009%, or 537 votes. If you do not think that your vote can change the outcome of an election, you are wrong.

We are now 6 days away from the 2020 presidential election. I urge you to locate your voting precinct and carry your spouse, sister, brother, father, mother, daughter, son, friends, and patriots to…