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Bill Courtney

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Discipline and Perseverance

Coach Bill Courtney is a familiar name to those who have seen him in Undefeated – the Oscar Winning movie about the high school team he coached in a downtrodden section of North Memphis.

Courtney goes against the grain of today’s me-first culture, and winning isn’t just about the score at the end of the game, or the profit margin. Ultimately, it’s about the impact you’ll make on your fellow human beings and the legacy you leave behind.

“My philosophy on coaching doesn’t start with X’s and O’s… it starts with believing that players win games and coaches win players”


“The role for a coach is often defined by wins and losses. Coach Courtney is a unique coach who understands that his role is not about a trophy, but about developing the next generation of leaders across the globe. Against The Grain speaks directly to that audience, both young and old, and is a must read for anyone who strives to impact others.”

— Yogi Roth

former QB coach at USC, The New York Times bestselling co-author of Win Forever and author of From PA to LA, Color and College Football Analyst for ESPN/Pac 12 Football
“Sports is not the only realm where coaching counts. Bill Courtney has written a book that demonstrates to the beaten-down executive that by peeling down to the values of character, commitment and leadership, you can find your way back to a successful business and a meaningful life.”

— Jeanie Buss

President, Los Angeles Lakers
“Coach Courtney is an ultimate competitor with a passion for excellence. He continues to be an inspiration to coaches and players all around the football world—from high school to college to the pros—and also those from off the gridiron as well.”

— Pete Carroll

head coach of Super Bowl XLVIII champions the Seattle Seahawks and New York Times best selling author

Effective Coaching for Success