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Oscar Award Winning Documentary

The Oscar winning documentary follows an underrated High school football team — the Manassas Tigers led by Bill Courtney, a businessman who volunteered his Time to coach and mentor the mostly fatherless young men on the team as they fight their way to an extraordinary season.

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“[A] stirring, emotional portrait of a high school football team in the impoverished neighborhood of North Memphis, Tenn.”
— The Washington Post
“It’s a surprisingly moving, emotional film, even for those who (like me) know little of football; by its end, you just might be blinking away a few tears.”
— The Seattle Times
“An irresistible story of football, faith and the lust for happily-ever-after black-and-white endings.”
— The New York Times
“Undefeated chronicles a championship season but covers turf that extends miles beyond the football field.”
— USA Today
“Undefeated presents itself as a look at a single season in the life of a striving high school football team in impoverished North Memphis, Tenn., but really it’s about so much more.”
— Los Angeles Times
“Enjoyably upbeat and intelligently inspiring.”
— Variety