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Bill Courtney, accomplished businessman, speaker, award winning film subject and writer, understands the power of dreams. “Every great thing that has been accomplished and is yet to be accomplished starts with a dream”   

Tools For Success

The Journey Begins Here

Bill Courtney is the president and CEO of Classic American Hardwoods, a lumber company that employs 120 people. He also serves as a volunteer high school football coach, writer Against The Grain, subject of Oscar Winning Documentary Undefeated and gives speeches to packed audiences across the country.

Courtney, a member of the city’s prestigious Society of Entrepreneurs, lives in Memphis, Tennessee with his wife Lisa, and their four children.

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This Is Bill Courtney

“His success serves as a moving example of what can happen when people in authority care about others – not just about winning the next game or securing the next client.”


NBA Coach and The New York Times bestselling author of Eleven Rings
“If you haven’t seen the film Undefeated, you should, ASAP. @IamCoachBill is a real leader who draws out the true character of his players.”

— Brian Burkhart

You’re the Boss blog on
“I was inspired, especially by the chapter on perseverance. Everyone faces adversity and if you persevere through the tough times, you become resilient, which leads to success.”

— Pam Shriver

International Tennis Hall of Famer and ESPN broadcaster

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Oscar Award Winning Documentary

The Oscar winning documentary follows an underrated High school football team — the Manassas Tigers led by Bill Courtney, a businessman who volunteered his Time to coach and mentor the mostly fatherless young men on the team as they fight their way to an extraordinary season.